Ephesians study 1 GAFCON 2013

The first Bible study of GAFCON 2013


Archbishop Emmanuel Egbunu, Province of Lokoja, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) 

Archbishop Emmanuel Egbunu (photo Stephen Sizer)

Coming to the country of Kenya brings us to the place where the prayers and tears of millions around the world have been directed. We are painfully aware that there are still many wet faces and fresh graves, many wounded memories and shattered dreams, and again the church must be overwhelmed with confused and angry questions and outbursts about this God of love who allows such evil which He could easily have prevented.

May God comfort to grieving families and nation, and may He empower His Church to proclaim the victory of Christ over the violence of men.

We gather here as those who have chosen to live by the Word of God as a sufficient and comprehensive guide for all of life in every generation. We have come, believing the Words of our Lord Jesus the Christ, that "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away"...

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Posted November 5, 2013