Final Press Briefing

Audio from the final press briefing in Jerusalem. Questions answered by Archbishops Henry Orombi of Uganda, Peter Jensen of Sydney, and Emmanuel Kolini of Rwanda.

Posted June 30, 2008

Jerusalem Declaration Signals New Reality for Anglican Communion

Anglican leaders representing a clear majority of the world's practising Anglicans, joyously affirmed the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) Statement and the Jerusalem Declaration at the end of the conference on Sunday June 29.

Posted June 29, 2008

GAFCON pilgrimage to Galilee

GAFCON pilgrims met with the head of the largest Christian church in the Holy Land yesterday Saturday, 28 June 2008.

Posted June 29, 2008

GAFCON pilgrims go to Bethlehem

Pilgrims participating in the Global Anglican Future Conference GAFCON traveled to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, on Friday, June 27. Having heard the draft statement from the conference read to them and discussed possible last minute changes in closed provincial meetings, they left in high spirits.

Posted June 28, 2008

GAFCON Final Statement

Brothers and Sisters in Christ: We, the participants in the Global Anglican Future Conference, send you greetings from Jerusalem!

Posted June 28, 2008

Archbishop Venables on the Lambeth Conference

The Primate of the Southern Cone, Archbishop Gregory Venables, speaks to a GAFCON news briefing on Friday in Jerusalem about his feelings on the conference and the fact that he is going to Lambeth.

Posted June 27, 2008

Bishop Akao Asserts Authority of Scripture

Bishop John Akao of Nigeria spoke to the press at the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) on June 26 on the authority of the Bible for Anglican Christians.

Posted June 26, 2008

Update on GAFCON Statement Progress

Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi, of the Anglican Church of Kenya, spoke to the press on Thursday, June 28 about the progress and content of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) Statement.

Posted June 26, 2008

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali on authentic Anglicanism

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, of the diocese of Rochester in the United Kingdom, told Global Anglican Future Conference pilgrims Tuesday that “the future of the Anglican Communion is to be found in its authentic nature, not in recent innovations or explanations.”

Posted June 25, 2008

Ophel Gardens pilgrimage

Wednesday was a meaningful and memorable day for GAFCON delegates with a visit to the first Anglican church built in the Middle East and a historic pilgrimage to the Ophel Gardens – where Christ walked, the Apostle Peter preached and early Christians were baptised.

Posted June 25, 2008

Primate of West Africa Addresses GAFCON Conference

Archbishop Justice Akrofi, primate of the Anglican Church of West Africa, began a series of daily scriptural expositions at the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) on Tuesday, June 24.

Posted June 24, 2008

Healing of the Paralytic

The Anglican Communion is in need of healing, and the antidote is Jesus Christ,” Archbishop Henry Orombi told delegates Monday.

Posted June 23, 2008

Pilgrims help draft GAFCON statement

There is no advance text of a final statement of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON), nor prepared plans for future organization and action.

Posted June 23, 2008

First Live Broadcast This Evening

As pilgrims continue to arrive for the conference, already prayer and praise is at the centre of the schedule. With Eucharists being celebrated across the Conference hotels this morning, pilgrims are now preparing for the opening session this evening.

Posted June 22, 2008

GAFCON Leadership Meets Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem

More than 100 leaders of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) joined Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem Suheil Salman Dawani in a prayer service at St. George’s Cathedral on June 22.

Posted June 22, 2008

Anglicanism Come of Age - Bishop Bob Duncan

Bishop Robert Duncan today released the text of his opening plenary address to the leadership of the Global Anglican Future Conference. The group has been meeting in Jordan in advance of the June 22-29 Global Anglican Future Conference in Jerusalem.

Posted June 20, 2008

Week of Teaching, Pilgrimages Planned for GAFCON Attendees

More than one thousand Anglicans from 25 nations, including 300 bishops are on their way to Jerusalem to attend the Global Anglican Future Conference. The meeting, which will be held June 22 – 29, includes daily addresses from key Anglican pastors, teachers and leaders.

Posted June 20, 2008

Key Document Released as GAFCON moves to Jerusalem

The pre-GAFCON preparatory consultation in Jordan wound up early, and the participants moved to Jerusalem on Thursday, 19th June. Hotel and meeting rooms previously unavailable in Jerusalem became available at the same time GAFCON leaders learned that previously granted permission for the Jordan consultation was deemed insufficient.

Posted June 18, 2008

1,000 Christian leaders, 280 bishops to GAFCON in Jerusalem

Over 1000 senior leaders from seventeen provinces in the Anglican Communion, representing 35 million church-going Anglicans, have registered for the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) in Jerusalem at the close of the online registration process.

Posted May 12, 2008